PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMFT), also called pulsed magnetic therapy, pulse magnetotherapy, or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in the field of orthopaedics for the treatment of nonunion fractures, failed fusions, congenital pseudarthrosis, and depression. In the case of bone healing, PEMF uses directed pulsed magnetic fields through injured tissue. This is believed to stimulate cellular repair. The FDA has approved several such stimulation devices. These devices provide a complementary solution that may aid in bone repair. Read more at Wikipedia here...

Now let’s try with a more layman explanation:

Home-based PEMF is basically a system where it is designed to generate a pulsing electromagnetic field at a very low frequency (1-100Hz usually) which you place it against part or whole of your body that needs the treatment. The pulsing magnetic field is proven to help speed up the body’s natural capability to self-heal (i.e. healing from bone fractures, wounds, etc.) and also recharge your body cells (i.e. blood cells) to improve vitality. Aside from a specific group of people that may be sensitive to the electromagnetic field (i.e. people with a pacemaker, pregnant women, epilepsy, etc.), almost anyone can safely use the treatment under proper instruction. Over the years, the PEMF therapies have evolved from clinical use to home use for non-medical professional,  general wellness and pain relief purposes.

Benefits of PEMF

While PEMF is not a silver bullet nor wonder drug, it does have numerous clinically proven health benefits and treatment results under its belt, something worth everyone’s attention, as this is really a safe, drug and operation free wellness options that everyone should evaluate. Nonetheless, do note that PEMF essentially works on the principle of bringing back the balance of your body and therefore speed up the body’s natural healing capability. It is sometimes classified as regenerative medicine or energy medicine, depending on who you are speaking to.  As what treatment is effective using which type of device or method is beyond the discussion of this section and web site. However, in our humble opinion, do pay extra cautious of any PEMF product’s beneficial claim that is too good to be true or that sounds miraculous. Reputable and honest PEMF manufacturers usually won’t go around making claims that are not backed by at least some empirical evidence.

There are several benefits of PEMF therapy, namely

  1. Stronger Bones
  2. Endorphins and Pain Relief
  3. Better Sleep and HGH secretion
  4. More Energy ATP
  5. Better Oxygenation and Circulation
  6. Improved Immunity
  7. Relaxation & Stress Reduction
  8. Nerve and Tissue Regeneration

Clinical Evidence for PEMF therapy

Application of PEMF technology can be as simple as localised pain relief, bone fracture recovery in clinical settings,  improve blood (micro) circulation, and to a more holistic complementary treatment for all kind of alignments like cancer, diabetic, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, etc. though more studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of the respective treatments. Do a search on “PEMF” at PUBMED and you can easily find hundreds of studies done. Nevertheless, from clinical studies perspective, most conventional practitioners still think there is a lack of sufficient studies to support its wide applications aside from the more common application for pain relief, bone fracture recovery, and improving blood circulation. Visit our links page to various researches, articles, and products that will be helpful in your understanding.

Without getting into the technicality of the evidence, a common approach in verifying the effect of PEMF (aside subjective feeling) can be achieve using blood analysis using darkfield microscopy, body thermal imaging, and also a slightly more controversial energy scanning. You can find the various pre/post tests below.

Before and After Effect of PEMF

Despite pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) can have significant effect on our trillions of cells, the effect usually is not easily felt or pickup by our body sensory systems. To demonstrate the efficacy and the effect it has on our body, there are some technologies that we may utilize.

Dark Field Microscopy Observation

The best evidence of your cells are being recharged after exposing to PEMF is viewing them under a microscope. The blood sample below is taken using dark field microscopy technology showing the blood cells condition before and after the PEMF therapy. Red blood cells in a non-optimal body condition usually see them clustered together (1st snapshot), restricting their surface area for optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery. Immediate after the therapy, the difference is obvious as shown in the 2nd snapshot, where red blood cells are de-clustered. The benefits are obvious – de-clustered blood cells are more fluid, allowing them to deliver nutrients and oxygen more effectively, restoring cells optimal efficiency. The result usually can be immediately felt by the person after using the full-body PEMF therapy, with an increased dose of vitality and energy. The following snapshots are taken based on sessions done with the iMRS system.

Dark Field Microscopy Observation with PEMF

Thermal Images Observation

The two thermal images below compare the body temperature before and after exposing to PEMF treatment. The second image shows the body temperature increased by at least 1-2 Celsius after 8 minutes of treatment, demonstrating the effectiveness of improving blood circulation.

ThemoScan Images before and after of PEMF session

Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) Observation

In another independent observation using human energy field analysis, with Bio-well reader, we can clearly see a substantial increase of energy field across the body after a 15 minutes session on a PEMF system. All these readings are done via machines, eliminating the unwanted “Placebo” effect.

In general, magnetic field application can be applied in 2 broad approaches. The specific application (therapy) used for the past 60 years in hospitals and in veterinary medicine consists of specific frequency patterns and very high intensities – these applications are limited to specifics treatments (i.e. acceleration of bone cell regeneration or healing for non-uniform fracture). The other approach is to take a perfectly natural ” cocktail ” of intensity, frequency, signal structure and resonance capability using nature as an example, like the iMRS systems which is 100% designed based on this principle. The result is a fundamental, holistic wellness application that has a direct overall positive effect on the organism (even if we do not feel it immediately). In addition, it is completely safe, without any side effects and easy to use.