PEMF 10 Minutes Education

The 10 Minutes Education by OMI offers a very simple and interesting way to explain what PEMF technology is all about and how it helps to improve our well-being, from the scientific perspective.

PEMF Therapy for Blood Circulation

Good blood circulation is the mother of all healing. Blood carries oxygen, nutrients, water, wastes to and from organs to keep them running in optimal condition. Many chronic illnesses can be rooted back to poor blood circulation. There are numerous studies conducted worldwide on how PEMF improves blood circulation. This video highlighted some of the more recent studies conducted around the world.

PEMF Therapy for Pain Relief – If You are Experiencing Arthritis, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migraines, Body Aches, Fibromyalgia OR ANY form of body pain, please watch this video.

Bryan Meyers share with you what Dr Oz called the Biggest breakthrough in pain management he had ever seen called PEMF therapy. We’ll look at what pain is, why you experience it, the BIG problems with PAIN medication, and share a NATURAL, NON INVASIVE AND EFFECTIVE Solution to End Pain Once and For ALL!


PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health – Complete all in one Video overview of the book, “PEMF – The 5th Element of Health by Bryant Meyers” (Source:


Dark Field Microscopy before & after PEMF treatment


The best evidence of your cells are being recharged after exposing to PEMF is viewing them under a microscope. The blood sample below is taken using dark field microscopy technology showing the blood cells condition before and after the PEMF therapy.

How do Magnetic Fields work to help the body?- By Dr Pawluk

Dr Pawluk discusses how magnetic fields work to help the body. This video is very important to explain how magnetic fields act on the body. This information is from a medical doctor, with both a science and medical perspective.
(source:, duration: 10:39 min)

Overview of Latest Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Findings – by Dr Joel Carmichael

Dr Joel Carmichael – President of the North American Academy of Energy Medicine – discusses the technology and latest findings of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy and intelligent – Magnetic Resonance Stimulation as found on the INSYNC i-SYSTEM by INSYNC Health and Wellness