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Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (W. Ross Adey, 1992)
Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center and University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, California 92357

Abstract Life on earth has evolved in a sea of natural electromagnetic (EM) fields. Over the past century, this natural environment has sharply changed with introduction of a vast and growing spectrum of man-made EM fields. From models based on equilibrium

A Review of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Mechanisms at a Cellular Level: A Rationale for Clinical Use (Brett Wade,  Vol. 1, No. 3, 2013, pp. 51-55)

This paper will review the mechanisms of action of the most common electromagnetic modalities and provide a rationale as to why “pulsed” fields seem to produce more significant effects compared with continuous applications. It will be shown that significant tissue healing effects, particularly with the modality PEMF, are likely the result of increased activity in non-excitable cells.


Low-frequency PEMF significantly improve time of closure and proliferation of human tendon fibroblasts
(European Journal of Medical Research, 2014 19:37

The promotion of the healing process following musculoskeletal injuries comprises growth factor signalling, migration, proliferation and apoptosis of cells. If these processes could be modulated, the healing of tendon tissue may be markedly enhanced. Here, we report the use of the Somagen ™ device, which is certified for medical use according to European laws. It generates low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields that trigger effects of a nature that are yet to be determined.


Headache Treatment with Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields: A Literature Review (Dec 2007)

Pulsing electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy may be a viable form of complementary and alternative medicine. Clinical applications include the treatment of fractures, wounds, and heart disease. More recent applications involve treatment of recurrent headache disorders. This paper reviews available studies investigating PEMF for headache management. Possible mechanisms for effects (neurochemical, electrophysical, and cardiovascular) are discussed. The available data suggest that PEMF treatment for headache merits further study. Suggestions for future research are provided.