OMI PEMF Systems

For those who have been doing some research on PEMF devices in the market, one definitely cannot miss the aggressive marketing campaign of OMI PEMF devices by Oxford Medical Instruments, based in Hungary. The aggressive pricing of USD 1,250 with free shipping worldwide, 30 days money-back guarantee, and three years warranty for a full-body mattress do sound like a steal.  We are so intrigued by the value proposition that we have ordered a system (full-body mat and mini pad) to try out ourselves!


  • Frequency range – 1 to 99Hz. We like it as it does give you some control over the frequency range to try out manually. It comes with three programs. Program 1 is frequency gradually increases from 3 to 38Hz & drop back, Program 2 continually and randomly changes between  1-99Hz and Program 3 is a manual setting of single Hz throughout the duration.  There seems to have no specific clinical studies or purposes in this program design, but P1 does works within the natural range of 1-30Hz as seen in many other full-body PEMF systems.
  • Intensity – Specified intensity is 210-220 μT (1-2 Gauss). Non-adjustable. Consider as a low-intensity system.
  • Waveform – Square wave only.
  • Mat Design – 8 coils with even intensity distribution, foldable into four sections.
  • Session time – 1 to 30 minutes, with 1-minute increment, adjustable.
  • Material – PU leather, Polyfoam

More Product specification here

The control unit is directly and permanently connected to the mat, meaning you have a dedicated controller for each applicator. Such configuration is useful in the sense that if you purchase a complete set (Pad, PulsePad and Ring), you can run the applicators separately by different people concurrently. On the other hand, the direct attachment means that in the event any of the components is faulty, you have to replace the entire unit.

The control of the system is straightforward, though the button is a bit small and stiff to operate at times. There is no power-on / off switch. You have to control the on/off at the power socket — our favourite interface, especially for seniors.

The Pad material is not designed for placing them on a soft surface (i.e. mattress), as it may give way over time. The manufacturer recommends to use it only on a flat and hard surface (i.e. floor). The restriction may cause some inconvenience to older folks.



Instead of getting the full-body mat, my personal favourite is the OMI-Mini (or OMNI PETS). It cost just USD 495, and comes with four coils, and share the same features and functionality as the full body mat. Don’t be fooled by the word PETS; this is a pad designed 100% for human use. It’s also light and can easily be folded and inserted into a standard bag for travelling or office use.


Use OMI-PETS/Mini on Office Chair – idea for office use.


Our Thoughts on OMI PEMF systems

OMI indeed shake the PEMF market a little bit with its unusually low price and direct from the manufacturer as the key selling point. While the quality and engineering aspect is a different class from the leading full-body systems like iMRS and BEMER, we do see this company offers a meaningful option for 1st time PEMF users to experience. Point to note that the simplicity of the device also means there are fewer components to fail. We welcome OMI to fill in such gap long omitted by many PEMF manufacturers. It might not be as sophisticated from the programming perspective, but PEMF is the same from the fundamental square wave signalling perspective. Only if you start to explore multi-frequencies and signalling technologies like triple sawtooths, bio-feedback, brainwave entrainment features, product quality, support and services,  then you will appreciate the differences between these systems.

In summary, OMI is a good entry point to explore the world of energy medicine using PEMF. Contact us if you would like to check the system out. For purchase in Singapore, check out here: