iMRS Prime

iMRS Prime PEMF Reinvented

iMRS Prime PEMF system

After almost a decade in service, the iMRS system is finally up for an upgrade. Unlike the transition from iMRS 2000 designo to iMRS in 2010 – that focuses more on the appearance refresh, the new iMRS, known as iMRS Prime comes with a complete re-design, both from software and hardware perspective. It preserves it’s core unique programs, but with many new enhancements, with many first in the PEMF industry, reinventing the definition of home wellness.

iMRS Prime Integrated Far Infrared Feature (FIR)

Probably the most significant features for the home users – the integrated, hybrid FIR and PEMF full-body mattress is a break-through that offers a perfect complement of FIR and PEMF technologies.

There are many other new features first introduced in iMRS flag-ship model. This includes

  • Touch screen panel with a separate connector box
  • Fast Start Programs, with new Solfeggio Scale 9 programs
  • Split mode operation
  • PEMF session parameters customization, where you can configure parameters like frequencies (0.1 – 39.9Khz), timer, intensity, waveform, pulsation characteristics, etc.. Find out more here at Trial Mode
  • New Bio-feedback HRV software features
  • New Audio-visual Brainwave Entrainment hardware and software


iMRS Prime is now available for order worldwide.