Guide to Pulsed Magnetic Therapy – By. Dr. David C. Somerville

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy and the underpinning science – by Dr. David Somerville (Publised 2016) is one of the more recent books exploring the effect of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) on the human cellular system and its scientific principles. It purely in-depth discussion on the theories behind and demystified the working of PEMF. For anyone who is serious about understanding PEMF technology, this book should be high on the reading list.

This book was written on a neutral ground from a pure scientific and researcher’s perspective. It does not discuss the treatment evidence or studies in specific, nor promote any consists products, technologies,  although some discussion on the techniques and specifics on the optimal effects were present. The book comprised of 12 chapters listed below.

  1. Pulsed Magnetic Therapy
  2. Historical Review
  3. Back to Basics – The Science
  4. What is magnetism?
  5. Magnetic Field configuration
  6. Electrical nature of Biological Tissue
  7. Origin of application
  8. Pulsed magnetic Interaction
  9. Electrical Activity in Bone
  10. Application of Pulsed Magnetism
  11. Effect on DNA Synthesis
  12. Iron in blood and general discussion

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