GM3120 Tester

GM3120 single axis electromagnetic radiation tester is another cheap and good tester you can get for under USD 30 from aliexpress or ebay.  The common brand it OEMed under is Benetech, but you may also find other brandind like KMoon, which are essentially the same piece of hardware. The key features of this unit are

  • can detect low magnetic field starting from 0.01μT to 19.99μT
  • can detect electric field from 1 V/m to 1999 V/m
  • Testing bandwidth from 5Hz to 3500Mhz.
  • Sampling time 0.4 seconds
  • Run on 9V battery

There are not many EMF tester out there can pick up measurement in the ultra Low Frequency range (0-30Hz), and GM3120 happen to be one of them, despite this is a low cost single axis EMF tester. It works extremely well in picking out even minute EMF. The reading however, will show some delay as its sampling time is only 0.4 second (meaning, it does sampling every 0.4 second).

You can also purchase this unit online in Singapore from testmeter.SG

This unit have been tested fine with PEMF system like iMRS, Omnium1, EarthPulse, ICES A9, Curatron, etc.