Cell Energy

Cell Energy 3 (CE3) is the redesigned and upgraded version of Cell Energy / Plus that offers more flexibility in term of application and body placement. Cell Energy Metabolic (CEM) model shares the same physical design but with different programs. Cell Energy series is a medium range intensity (6 – 26mT) PEMF system that is designed for general and localized application. Key enhanced features in CE3 includes

  • Two stripes of 2 coils each instead of one stripe with four coils. This allows much greater flexibility in term of body placement. For instance, you can place the two strips at two legs simultaneously. It comes with a pouch to allow you to combine the two stripe into one single stripe known as “Spline layout”.

  • There is an on/off button at the controller with 3 programs to choose from, with intensity range from 60 Gauss (6mT) – 260 Gauss (26mT).

Cell Energy 3

Cell Energy 3

Program 1 is the primary mode for general wellness and application. Lower intensity (program 2) is designed to use for children or for application at the head region (i.e. pediatric mode). Program 3, at 100Hz, offers better analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The system comes with a detailed user instruction manual on the application and settings for various conditions.

Cell Energy 3 comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty by the local distributor. Contact us for more information or to try out.

Cell Energy Metabolic

Cell Energy Metabolic is a further enhanced model of Cell Energy 3, with program 2 specifically targeting at cellular metabolism and oxygenation – which may use as a complementary therapy for metabolic related conditions. It shares the same physical design as Cell Energy 3. The intensity for program 1 and 3 also increased by around 30%.

Cell Energy Metabolic PEMF system

There is another simpler version of Cell Energy – that comes with single 6.25Hz frequency at 20mT (200 Gauss). Refer to the review below for more information.