Bob Beck’s Magnetic Pulser

If you have been following the Beck Protocol (by Dr Robert C. Beck, D. Sc.), you will be familiar with the concept of a magnetic pulse generator. Unlike low-intensity PEMF systems that focus their application more on frequencies and waveform delivery, Bob Beck’s magnetic pulser’s design objective is to generate small electric current (microcurrent) using strong magnetic field pulses, reaching internal organ parts that are usually hard to reach by other electrotherapy approaches (i.e. electric pulser). Bob Beck principle of treatment is to use an inductively coupled magnetic pulse generator for theoretical lymph and tissue pathogen neutralization (ref:, page 41-44).

According to Bob Beck Protocol Handbook, placing a magnetic pulser against the lymph nodes site daily can theoretically neutralise electro-sensitive pathogens and viruses by pushing them out to our bloodstream to be handled by our body own immune systems.



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