PEMF and COVID-19 Corona Virus

Corona Virus covid-19

By now most of us are already overwhelmed with the news of Corona Virus COVID-19, despite this is a very recent outbreak. You probably have also come across countless alternative and home remedies to fight and prevent the virus since currently there are no approved treatment solutions available. Of course, one “alternative” you should have come across is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. If you are an owner of any PEMF system already, the answer is simple. Use it, while you find out the efficacy of PEMF against the COVID-19 Corona Virus. In any case, PEMF will minimally help improve your body circulatory functions, cellular potential and immune system. And these are your primary army in fighting against any external invasion.

If you don’t already own a PEMF system, should you run out and get one now? Many PEMF sellers may sell on fear and unproven claims, and it’s hard to differentiate the truth and logically sounding claims, especially when PEMF technology itself is still subjected to numerous hypothesis and studies. For most PEMF systems that cost thousands of dollars, this is not a toilet paper investment. While we strongly believe PEMF can play an important role in combating this virus, you still need to apply it consistently to realise the effect. PEMF is a long-term solution for overall health, like building up your defence system. If you are expecting PEMF to work as an immediate shield or cure for Covid-19 or any future outbreak, then you are likely to be disappointed.

We do recommend, however, you to get a trial or rental system whenever possible, explore, experience and understand the underlying working principle. This is not just a system you invest during this pandemic, but it can the system you can integrate into your healthy lifestyle for life!

There are many excellent articles and videos (below) from established and renown PEMF experts you can refer to below to understand how PEMF can help you during this trying times for humankind.

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