Micro-Pulse ICES DigiCeutical

ICES – PEMF range of product is one category which until now we are still quite uncertain about its correct positioning in the PEMF world. The founder, Dr. Robert Dennis is one of the original scientists who developed Time Varied EMF (TVEMF)  technology for NASA in the 1990s. The history according to Dr. Dennis can be found here: https://www.micro-pulse.com/pages/ices-pemf-tvemf-evolution. The principles used in TVEMF is what is adopted and implemented in many mainstream PEMF vendors today. However the ICES ( Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation), according to Dr. Robert Dennis, is an advanced technology that is 20 years ahead of the current breed of PEMF systems available in the market, and at a fraction of the cost. ICES is designed to utilize magnetic fields as an intermediate energy field to couple external electromagnetic coils to cells and tissues deep within the body. Now, how is that different from the magnetic fields from the “old PEMF” systems weren’t exactly explained and documented – something for interested buyers to figure out. The site did make a comparison between TENS and ICES, but not PEMF vs. ICES, aside pointing to the clinical studies and effectiveness of the PEMF. At PEMF.sg, given the lack of clearer and more convincing explanation,  we believe they are fundamentally the same technology in different packaging (or patents), which is beyond our limited knowledge to ascertain. Nevertheless, at this price point, this is a good place to start exploring the benefits of PEMF (or ICES).  At this point of writing, there is 3 portable ICES system you can purchase online from the company online store. A9a/b (starting from USD 429), and scientific/research model B5, and Clinical model C5, both at a price point of USD 1,599.

ICES A9a Package Content


We have been trying out ICES A9a model for sometimes now.  The unit is simple to operate and comes with three modes of operation. Note that MicroPulse prefer to use pulses per second (pps) over Hertz (Hz), but these two terms can be used interchangeably.

Mode_1  =  5 pulses per second (pps/Hz), alternating polarity
Mode_2  =  a burst of 5 pulses at 100 (pps/Hz), one burst per second,
positive polarity
Mode_3  =  a burst of 5 pulses at 100 pps (pps/Hz), one burst per second, negative polarity

Aside from being portable, light and run on 9V battery (which we really like the design), we cannot really tell the differences in term of its effect as compared to other PEMF system. During the application at mode 2/3, the coil will give our sparkling sound, which is normal.  The is likely due to the high  However the design of the coil makes it extremely flexible in term of how you want to position it (i.e. opposite side configuration, stacked up, or side-by-side to increase the treatment area).

ICES Opposite Side configuration. You can also align the magnetic field to create Helmholtz effect


ICES Stacked for double-up intensity

ICES Side by Side configuration to increase treatment area


B5 Model

B5 model is the 6th Generation ICES Digiceutical Device designed for scientific/research/hobbyist but is also intended for anyone who wish to have more than just a button switch like A9 model. It is not positioned as treatment or medical devices, but for those who want to experiement with the effect of various settings and configuration provided by B5. More detailed information can be found here: https://www.micro-pulse.com/collections/frontpage/products/ices-digiceutical-b5-model-system . In essence, the system comes with 8 programs as compared to just 1 program in A9, and offers 4 x outlets connection to the treatment coil. You can effectively build your own full body system using this configuration. Price at USD 1,599, custom made upon order only. This product is more targeted at PEMF researchers and enthutiasts. Find out another similar model C5 here.

The casing of the B5/C5 uses a typical DIY plastic case mold, saying much about the technicality nature of the product- substance over aesthetic. The picture below illustrates the differences between A9 and B5 physical units.