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EMF Tester App for Android / iOS phone

Many of us may not realize that while mobile phone has always been the subject of bad EMF source, it can also be used to detect the presence of EMF as many model have built-in magnetic sensor that is able to measure tri-axis magnetic fields. There are already many decent apps in Google Play and iOS AppStore that can turn your smartphone into a powerful 3-axis EMF detector. As many are free app (with Ads), there is no harm for you to try downloading them and test out for your PEMF system. Following are some of the apps tested to be able to detect the presence of the EMF (but mileage will vary as this is also dependent on your the presence of your mobile phone’s magnetic sensor and it’s sensitivity level).

For iMRS/Omnium1, you may need to set the intensity to 400. Following are some of the EMF tester apps installed on Samsung Galaxy 4 that show positive response with iMRS/Omnium1 system.

EMF Sensor by Code Bros. (Android)

Cover artEMF Sensor Free - screenshot  EMF Sensor Free - screenshot EMF Sensor Free - screenshot

EMF Sensor is available as free and paid version. Extremely customizable, highly recommended if it works well with your phone model.

Use the magnetic field sensor on your phone to take EMF readings. Works like a 3 axis EMF meter. Displays EMF in milli Gauss (mG) or micro Tesla (uT). Uses include ghost hunting, paranormal research, finding sources of EMF radiation, monitoring EMF levels, and/or curiosity.

Instructions for use:
Preferences can be found by pressing the menu button. Many display options are available to customize what is on the screen.
The range on the meter can be changed in the options or by sliding your finger up or down on the screen. The left side of the screen adjusts the minimum, the right side adjusts the maximum. You can lock or unlock touch adjustments through the menu.
Custom color values can be set for the text. Sound can be enabled and customized in preferences, default is off. This will play a tone at a rate determined by the EMF reading, similar to a Geiger counter.
More detailed Instructions are available from the menu within the app.

Added Features in Paid Version:

  • Full Graph functionality
  • Baseline Mode
  • Auto Ranging Function
  • No Ads


Recommended Settings for iMRS system

To have optimal visual and sound effect, following setting was tested to provide good indicator if you use to test on iMRS full body mat. You can try to adjust the MG/MT range to achieve desire responsiveness. It’s quite safe to hold your phone near to the system for testing as the magnetic field is relatively weak. However we cannot guarantee this is 100% safe and will not corrupt your data on phone, so use at your own discretion. So far our team have not experienced any problem to the data integrity even laying our phone on the mat with intensity setting at 400, including data residing in the microSD card.

  • Set the biological clock to morning with intensity 400
  • MG (MilliGauss) Range – 0 – 1000
  • MT (MicroTelsa) Range – 0 – 200
  • Sample interval set to 15 Hz


EMF Pro by neoTrait Productivity (Android)

Cover artEMF Sensor Compass with Camera - screenshot EMF Sensor Compass with Camera - screenshot EMF Sensor Compass with Camera - screenshot



EMF detector Compass Pro comes with all exiting features for measuring EMF and having a compass. Camera mode is available for both EMF and Compass. This application is used to detect Electromagnetic field[ EMF Detector]. This can also be used as an metal detector. This application uses the magnetic sensor inbuilt in the application. It displays EMF is Micro Tesla . Shows a graph and X Y Z vectors. So use this EMF Sensor / EMF Detector .
Features :
1. Camera mode for EMF Detector.
2. Camera mode for Compass.
3. Audio recording while detecting EMF . You can record sound while using the EMF Sensor.
4. Vibration and Beep Sound for EMF above 150.
5. Integrated location finder with Maps integrated with Compass screen.
6. Separate X, Y, Z graph for EMF for better understanding.
7. Shows true north of a place.
8. Multiple skins available. A Total of 6 skins to choose from.


Teslameter 11th by SkyPaw Co. Ltd (iOS)

iPhone Screenshot 1  iPhone Screenshot 2


Teslameter 11th takes advantage of the built in magnetometer in your iPhone/iPad, allows you to monitor the strength of magnetic field all around. There are a range of real-life applications for this useful item, such as: metal detector, AC magnetic fields, or finding low-magnetic places for sleeping (especially for babies) and of course, why not fun as well?


– Display the raw 3 axes x, y and z magnetometer values and a nice analog meter to display the magnitude
– Display the graphical history of magnitude (size, strength) of the magnetic field
– Support multiple units: tesla and gauss
– Record and export the data to email for further analysis
– Define your own threshold alert with audible alarm when it encounters a field (metal, speakers, etc.)
– Sensitivity customizable
– Start or stop the teslameter at any time
– Enable/disable auto-lock screen
– Clean and intuitive design
– Retinal ready, just more beautiful on iPhone and iPad retina
– Universal binary, download once and it also runs beautifully both on iPad and iPhone


– This application only works with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPad. iPod touch will not work because it does not have a magnetometer.

Teslameter 11th is the 11th tool among many other professional tools in our app “Multi Measures – All in one measuring toolkit”


Windows Mobile Phone users are not left alone here. While we don’t cover the  workability of the app with iMRS system in this post, you can always download them and test it out. One of them is Magnetic Field Detector that cost US 0.99 at Windows Store, by Jon-Anthony.

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