Assisi Loop 2.0

While most PEMF system can be used on small animals, application is not always easy as unlike people, your pets may not necessary follow your instruction and sit still throughout the session, even for a short 8 minutes session. The solution? A portable PEMF that can easily be hang or attached to the animals.


Assisi Loop

Assisi targeted PEMF (tPEMF)™ Technology

Assisi’s targeted pulsed electromagnetic field technologies emerge out of a century-long evolution of using electrical currents to improve health and healing. Pulsed electromagnetic fields are simply delivery systems for inducing electrical current. Pulsing an electromagnetic field near a conductor (such as tissue) will induce current flow in the conductor.

This simple law from physics allows currents to be induced in tissue from outside the body, without anything touching the skin. Magnetic fields penetrate through bandages, casts, fur, hair, etc. The simple induction of electrical current in tissue is the functional therapeutic component of Assisi’s tPEMF technology. It is the effects of this induced current that are therapeutic.

Assisi Loop has to be prescribed by a certified Vet professionals or clinics. It’s a low intensity, high frequencies treatment PEMF device for targeted area treatment.

tPEMF spec




Assisi Loop Version

Assisi Loop is available in two versions – Assisi Loop 2.0 and Assisi Loop 2.0 Auto Cycle. The standard Loop 2.0 provides a single 15 minutes session, whereas Loop 2.0 Auto Cycle repeat the 15 minutes session every 2hours, which  is suitable for acute care following surgery or injury, whereas standard Loop is suitable for chronic and degenerative conditions.


Both versions offer two sizes, 10cm (4 in) and 20cm (7.5 in). Find out more about the products and how to order at