The latest PMT-120 is an upgraded version of PMT-100 that comes with higher intensity (from 19,200 Gauss to now 40,000 Gauss) and longer adjustable timer (from 3 minutes to 10 minutes) with a closed capacity.

The PMT-120 is a high-intensity ringer system primarily intended for clinical use, though there are cases in which this is an appropriate system for the home setting. It generates up to 40,000 Gauss, vs. 0.5 – 3 Gauss in many other home-based systems, and also come with a unique loop coil. The principle of higher intensity is to speed up treatment results, as compare to lower intensity systems.

The system is popular among practitioners and centers for cancer treatment and pain management. The latest upgrade is PMT-120 (or PEMF-120) that spots even higher intensity, 100% more powerful from the previous model PMT-100. The argument about high-intensity PEMF treatment vs. low intensity are

Notes on High-Intensity PEMF treatment

There is a general consensus that high-intensity PEMF treatment will yield faster result as compared to low-intensity types, we do believe high-intensity PEMF devices should be handled by a trained professionals to ensure they are applied correctly. 

The System

The are two model available – Table Top and Portable versions are available for your selection.

PMT-120 Table Top Version

PMT-120 Portable Version




The Loop Coil

Special introduction to the application of the loop coil. The PMT-120 comes with set of 3 coils (Rope, Large Loop, and Butterfly). As seen in the pictures below, the supplied loop coils can be applied to your different body areas as illustrated for maximum efficiency.