Relaxation Music

iMRS Brain Entrainment Music MP3 – Alpha/Beta/Theta/Delta

 Learn more about Brain wave Entrainment here.

Whether you are already owning an iMRS system or not, you can still enjoy the benefits of brainwave entrainment with the specially composed music. For best effect, use together with the goggle set and iMRS full body mat.

Alpha Wave (8-12hz, awake but relaxed) – Chinese Girl (Download Link, MP3, 10MB)

Beta Wave (12-27hz wide awake) – Rhythm Of Djembe (Download Link, MP3, 9MB)

Beta Wave (12-27hz, wide awake) – Nada Brahma (Download Link, MP3, 7MB)

Theta Wave (3-8hz, Awake & relaxed)  – Sahara Breete (Download Link, MP3, 8MB)

Theta Wave (3-8hz, Awake & relaxed) – Timeless Space (Download Link, MP3, 11MB)

Delta Wave (0.2hz – 3hz, Light sleep or extreme relaxation) – Wisdom Of Life (Download Link, MP3, 13.5MB)

Delta Wave (0.2hz – 3hz, Light sleep or extreme relaxation) – Silent Savannah (Download Link, MP3, 8.5MB)


SPA Mood

Selection of MP3/MP4 Sample Relaxation Music for your MRS session. Sources: SPA Moods: Sound of Nature Volume


Magic Winds (link to MP3)


After The Rain (link to MP3)

New Morning (link to MP3)

The Miracle Of Your Eyes (link to MP3)


Earth Melody (link to MP3)


Mother Nature (link to MP3)