ePAD Sport

Application of PEMF is almost universal and many consumer products in the market today are designed for pain relief, general wellness and treatments. Seldom we see a product designed with athletics and sports person mind. MAS ePAD Sport is one of the few PEMF products with such design.

MAS ePAD Sport

In short, MAS ePAD Sport is a portable and pulsating field stimulation device, with which you can treat particular area optimally or simply use to boost up your energy and performance level. The ePAD Sport stands for activity and vitality – be it on the couch or during training – owing to battery operation and the sophisticated belt system it can be worn nearly everywhere on the body and during almost any activity.

The primary aim of sport and exercise is to draw on the body’s numerous energy sources.  Those  sources  can  become  fatigued, resulting in pain and sometimes injury. The ePad Sport can promote optimal energy flow through better blood circulation, the release of certain blockages and relieve muscle cramping or soreness – all while on the go – during car and train rides, flights, at work, in front of the TV, reading or relaxing.


Areas of Application:
After exercise-oxygen supply can reach the  muscles  for  faster  recovery  time. The gentle stimulation also supports the healing process of acute injuries.

MAS ePAD Sport ApplicationMAS ePad Sport ArmMAS ePad Sport Leg


Technical Details

ePAD Sport uses rectangular waveform, operates at 3 different frequencies: 3 Hertz (promotes complete relaxation and release of tensions), 8 Hertz (providing energetic support for the body), and 1500 Hertz (for acute inflammatory and energetic support in case of injuries). The options are selectable via simple button press.

The controller comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with a standard Micro-USB connection. Estimated continuous use time is about 5-6 hours.


Download a copy of user manual for detailed operation information below:

MAS ePAD Sport User Manual