Emtech PZ-100D


Emtech PZ100D is an interesting localized treatment system that is a combination of high electric potential, ultra long magnetic, heat and far infrared energy sources or Emtech 4-in-1 HUFT technology in one box. This is a system from a Singapore-based company.

Electric Potential

Emtech PZ100 generates an energy effect, with powered up to 20,000V electric potential using low electric current of 300uA, that is believed can boost up the body’s energy level. The charging sequence will run through 9,000V, 15,000V and 20,000V potential in its 30 minutes program.

Far Infrared and Moxi (Heat)

The Moxi button, allows user to select between three temperatures – High Temp 45c – 50c, Medium Temp 30c – 35c and Room temperature (no heat). Far Infrared is know to helps improve blood circulation and offers various health benefits.

PEMF (Ultra-long Magnetic Potentials)

There isn’t much information or specification detailed in the company’s website or users manual on the PEMF specification, so we won’t know what’s the intensity, frequencies or waveform used in the system.


The PZ100 is designed as a localized applicator, from PEMF perspective. Hence you will have to place the unit at the designated treatment area. As there is no intensity guideline, we are not able to assess if it’s actually recommended to use the system above the shoulder area when PEMF is enabled.

For Back

For Hand Wellness

For Stomach and abdominal area

Above shoulder area

For Leg