Cell Energy

Cell Energy PEMF device and is very popular in many health centres and clinics in Europe and Russia. Cell Energy is a PEMF therapy device created to treat chronic diseases, cope with acute conditions, significantly improve patient’s quality of life by reducing pain and swelling and improving range of motion.

Design and Application

  • Simple to use application. There is no setting or button. Plug into the power socket and it starts to work immediately.
  • The strap has 4 separate coils, running at 6.25 Hz and at around 20 milliTelsa. One facing is permanent north and the other is south (with led indicator).
  • The system will automatically stop after 20 minutes of application. This is a rather dummy proof design in a way.
  • To use, place the north facing plate towards your body. See the illustrations below. Not recommended to use for the head area.

Application Illustration