PEMF – The Fifth Element of Health

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Learn why Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy supercharges your health like nothing else! By Byrant Meyers (2013)

You probably know that food, water, sunlight, and oxygen are required for life, but there is a fifth element of health that is equally vital and often overlooked: The Earth’s magnetic field and its corresponding PEMFs (pulsed electromagnetic fields). The two main components of Earth’s PEMFs, the Schumann and Geomagnetic frequencies, are so essential that NASA and the Russian space program equip their spacecrafts with devices that replicate these frequencies. These frequencies are absolutely necessary for the human body’s circadian rhythms, energy production, and even keeping the body free from pain. But there is a big problem on planet earth right now, rather, a twofold problem, as to why we are no longer getting these life-nurturing energies of the earth. In this book we’ll explore the current problem and how the new science of PEMF therapy (a branch of energy medicine), based on modern quantum field theory, is the solution to this problem, with the many benefits listed below:

• eliminate pain and inflammation naturally
• get deep, rejuvenating sleep
• increase your energy and vitality
• feel younger, stronger, and more flexible
• keep your bones strong and healthy
• help your body with healing and regeneration
• improve circulation and heart health
• plus many more benefits





PEMF, The Whole Body Battery Recharger

You can think of PEMF therapy as a “whole body battery recharger”. By using a PEMF therapy mat just 2 times a day for 8 minutes you recharge your 100 trillion cells, improving ATP production, increasing oxygenation, enhancing  circulation,  promoting  hydration,  facilitating  detoxification, and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients. It’s like putting little “tiny jumper cables” on all your cells and “jump-starting” them back to health.

Figure-1 (PEMF Book)
Figure 1 shows the pulsed magnetic fields (the 3D concentric circles) coming from a good PEMF therapy mat (control unit and local applicators not shown). The natural pulsating magnetic energies penetrate throughout your entire body. One of the benefits of PEMF therapy is that the magnetic fields effortlessly  pass  through  your  all  your  tissues  and  cells  for  deep healing; giving your body more energy and vitality.